Dating point blankets

20-Aug-2017 10:01

the Michigan of the American auto industry and current Detroit “rebirth” that has been touted by newspapers over the last few years.But it’s there, sitting right above the Mackinac Bridge, with its waterfalls, rivers, and varied landscape.They were traded to Native Americans for pelts and buffalo robes.Today, the blankets retain an iconic status in Canada usually reserved for great hockey goalies, but also sit on the sofas and in the sheds of American homes around the Great Lakes.Hudson's Bay Blankets have a proud heritage dating back to the 1700s when hunters, traders, and Native Americans used fine-quality Hudson's Bay wool blankets as currency.Hudson's Bay Blankets are hand-loomed in England using the finest wool and manufacturing techniques, blending old-fashioned craftsmanship with 21st century skill.The Hudson’s Bay Company did sell “blanketing” or “duffle,” a heavy wool cloth, but not point blankets before 1780.

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Indian trade blankets are commercially woven wool blankets with striking geometric patterns.While Hudson Bay Blankets offer superior water resistance and durability outdoors, their plush wool construction makes them a great addition to any bedding system.

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