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21-Nov-2017 08:00

He was born in April of 1971 in Burnage, Manchester.

His father, the first Maxton, worked as a professional jazz drummer, while his mother, Chris Marlowe (which was her stage name) was also a professional musician, a singer.

He appeared in a variety of shows like Bodies and London Ink. His mother was a jazz singer while his father was a professional jazz drummer.Additionally, he branched out into American entertainment programs, allowing him to become recognizable by a much wider audience.In 2013 he landed a recurring role on USA network's highly acclaimed crime drama/comedy, Suits.British actor known for playing Charlie Edwards on the series Hotel Babylon.

He also played a role in the series Suits and Mad Dogs.Meanwhile Prince William has been forced to deny reports that he does not approve of Harry’s relationship and was angry after it was made public.