Martin and pam dating

23-Oct-2017 10:04

Martin would seemingly fly off of the handle at the smallest infraction.

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It's so important because: Sheneneh's shade is one of the best parts of the series, and there's plenty of it in this episode. It's so important because: Varnell Hill singing his theme song is amazing and rivaled only by Martin crashing Jodeci's performance on stage, giving us classic lines like "Me and Jodeci think you cheatin' on us." Date aired: March 28, 1996Plot: Pam begins to act like Martin after being hypnotized at her dentist's office.

Season 4, Episode 5October 7, 1995The Paynes' romantic plans are interrupted by a bickering Tommy and Pam (Tichina Arnold), and by Cole, who brings over his new a time.

Season 4, Episode 6October 14, 1995Martin becomes convinced that Cole's new girlfriend (Juliette Jeffers) is actually one of America's most wanted.

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No woman wants to feel like she’s forcing a marriage on a man unready to commit. Lest we all forget, Pam was Gina’s best friend, and Martin was projecting his own racial self-hatred onto his girlfriend’s best friend every episode. Season 4, Episode 7October 21, 1995Cole, Tommy and Jerome attempt to snag the thieves (Salt `n' Pepa) who robbed Cole while he was picking up a birthday gift for Martin.

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