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There are many such places in the Bodrum peninsula, making Bitez altogether rather unexceptional.

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: The reconstruction of the chronology of historical buildings is a tricky issue, as usually there are not historical documents that allow the assessment of construction phases, and some materials are hardly reliable for the use of dating techniques (e.g., stone).

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Bitez is a small town, barely beyond the outskirts of the ever-growing resort city of Bodrum, where many of Peter Sommer Travels’ escorted cruises have their start or end points.

This ‘clock’ is similar in concept to carbon dating but uses uranium as this has a much longer half life and rocks as old as a few million years can be dated.

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As they grow stalagmites record changes in the world outside the cave, mainly variations in the amount of rain and the type of plants growing about the cave.Researchers have used several dating techniques to acquire chronological information about buildings.